Professional Consulting

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About Infinity Enterprises

Infinity Enterprises is the sagacious business' answer for high-quality professional services. Providing game-changing design as well as marketing, sales, and creative consulting services. Infinity Enterprises grew out from the original Infinity Pro Designs group. Soon after its founding in 2003, it became clear that more than design was needed to fully satisfy our clients. As a result, the natural extension–Infinity Enterprises–was founded to address the more robust and complex needs of our clients, encompassing marketing, sales, promotions, and various levels of consult.

Design & Web Development

Per mention, Infinity Designs was founded in '03 and has helped a host of clients achieve their ends via print, web, and/or multimedia services.

Creative & Ideation Consulting

Infinity Enterprises has helped countless clients put their best foot forward with the direction of our trend-savvy staff—achieving the perfect blend of form and function.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

With a deep understanding of numerous target markets, we've assisted in exponentially expanding market presence and streamlining sales for our clients.

The right Marketing plan, Marketing message, and correlated Creative direction can make or break your campaign or even your company's future growth, so make the choice to invest properly in it and with the right consultants.
Michael H.


Exceeding expectations

Healthcare Vertical

Working with a health services company to enhance their customer loyalty programs and, subsequently, bolster retention.

Government Vertical

Working with a government agency to better communicate their value proposition to the target audience they serve.

Real Estate Vertical

Working with a property group to better position their properties for increased demand and, subsequently, rises in the number of secured leases.

Communications Vertical

Working with a communications company to enhance their market positioning. Expanded sales through better market awareness and new sales approach.

Helping our clients achieve and exceed their business goals in the new digital age since 2003